How To Do It All & Look Great While Doing It!

Wouldn't it be nice if I could actually tell you how to do that. Actually, that doesn't even sound like something that I would even try to instruct. It's called click-bait. I've been learning a lot about the online world in the past several weeks, how Facebook ads work (creepy), and about all the different tools I can use to promote and grow my coaching business. As I work to add more digital features for you lovely folks (ask, and ye shall have me working until all hours so you can receive!) I have been getting ever closer to further solidifying that the entirety of the internet is absolutely baffling. That said, I'm learning how to cope with the baffle and get through the task lists I've set and the planning I've done. Strangely enough, it applies to making changes to one's health picture as well. Fancy that! Here are the similarities:

You must figure out where you want to go. You can be super vague or answer with laser focus. I want to put everything that I have studied, learned, tried, worked and reworked onto the internet for people to have so they don't have to make the same mistakes I made, or read all those damned scientific journals. (Ugh. Yay! But, ugh.) That's pretty vague, right? Sort off. I know where I want to go, and that gives me the framework for filling in the outline. You may want to completely quit drinking soda, or simply have the vision of "getting healthier" or "dropping 10% body fat." Those all give you something to work with when it comes to setting goals.

You must set goals. And work backwards. I know I need to get all this stuff up on this website for you to download. That's the end goal, but there are steps along the way. Working backwards will help me to make a comprehensive list of tasks that end where I will begin: posting consistently to this blog and social media. Done and done! To approach your health plan, working backwards from running a marathon gets you down to what type of plan you need to put into place, right now, to take that first step. Once you have your list, you can...

You must honor the benchmarks. These are like goals within goals, and they help you to track your progress.  You may not even know what they're going to be once you start out. But they're the points where there is an energy shift, a change in momentum or focus, or even just that vision of land appearing on the horizon that lets you know you're close to the next goal. For me, it has been the consistent carving out of time for social media and blogging that lets me know that I am on the right track. Nothing really magical happens. No confetti falls from the sky every time I sit down at my computer. And it's not my end goal, so...what's the big deal? Those benchmarks are the small successes that keep us keeping on. It's a big deal for me to even be writing this all down right now. And it may be a big deal for you to not have that soda at 3pm for the last two weeks. It's not your end goal, but it's a benchmark to be honored.

You must view goals as horizons. A technique runners can use to motivate them. Select an object or specific point, like a tree off in the distance or a mailbox, and just get to that point. From there, you pick another. And another. Until you're done. A little bit at a time. That's the same with these goals, no matter how big or small. That's the tree off in the distance. But once you get there, you're still not done. You pick the next thing to aim for. You never stop learning, growing, and getting better. Even if you've chosen a fat loss goal and you get there, you're not done. Does that mean you have to keep losing? Nope. But you'll have to make and execute a plan for maintenance. And maybe you'll realize that you'd love to now tackle making your own meals, since you've been relying on a food prep service. Or maybe you'll crush flexibility, since you've done so great at crushing 200 lb. deadlifts. What. Ever. You're not done. You'll never get there. Because you'll always be inspired to be greater than when you started.

As for me...after I get all this junk online? I dunno. And I don't have to know. And neither do you. Just follow the steps above and go and do. And kick the crap out of it.

Meanwhile, I'll be over here watching a webinar on how to host a webinar...