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Smoothies and Snacks Made Simple

Have you been wondering...
which ingredients are best (and worst) for my diet?
what are macronutrients and where do I find them?
what's the skinny on healthy fats?
what are some cost-cutting solutions for smoothies on a budget?
what are supplements and 'boosts' and do I need them?

Or what about...
what makes a good, balanced snack? 
do I need to snack during the day, and why? 
what are some quick and easy snacks to take on the go

Join me to explore what makes these items useful, how best to implement them in your life, and where good intentions can go wrong and wreak havoc on your diet. 

$8 includes a smoothie of your choice

Advanced registration is required



Later Event: November 12
Mini-Retreat : Austin in November