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The FemmePower Fitness Holiday Challenge

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It’s that time again!

Join me for 8 weeks of focused, transformative fitness and nutrition coaching that will not only get you toned up and slimmed down heading into the Holidays, but will help you to detox, reset, and hit 2019 with the energy and motivation to live your best life in 2019.

Week #1-#4 :

Targeted, customized workouts and a personalized nutrition guide delivered in-person or online that are designed to help you drop at least 1 dress size before Christmas.

The nutrition guide will include recipes and shopping lists to make staying on track simple and budget-friendly.

You’ll also receive meditations, mantras, journal prompts, and other self-care goodies to keep you centered and sane as you navigate the Holiday season.

Week #5 : Christmas Week

Delivered exclusively online, you’ll get live and video workouts you can access from anywhere! You’ll receive digital and printable logs to track your progress, and I’ll still be checking in on you!

You’ll also be added to a private Facebook group where you’ll access fun mini-challenges and bonus materials, as well as participate in group chats where you can provide and receive motivation and support to other Challengers.

Week#6 : New Year’s Week

With a combination of online and in-person work, we’ll focus on a healthy detox, restorative workouts, and meditative practices that will help you discern where you really want to go with your health in 2019.

You’ll get a nutritional guide with healthy detox options, and a structured wellness plan for reducing inflammation and improving immune function.

Week #7 :

This week we’ll start with the fundamentals of movement to establish baselines in several areas of fitness including strength, endurance, balance and control, and range of motion. You will know exactly where you are, with concrete data to reflect on to see how far you’ve come.

We’ll also spend some time on the fundamentals of goal setting, and how to set goals you’ll actually achieve this year! You’ll get a flow chart template you can use in any area of your life, and work through establishing your values so you can align your goals with the life you want to live.

Week #8 :

You will come out of this week with a comprehensive Wellness Plan Outline for 2019 including a tracking package with binder printables, a template for planning and logging daily, weekly, and monthly missions, 3 calendars of workouts for the next 3 months that include cardio, strength, and core conditioning, and a customized nutritional guide designed to help you reach your goals.


For Thanksgiving week, you’ll get :

  • a guide filled with strategies for staying on track at Holiday gatherings

  • non-food rituals designed to keep you mentally sustained and nourished

  • workouts & wind downs to keep you moving and your immune system functioning optimally

  • and daily text motivations from me to keep you feeling loved and supported through the process.

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Limited sessions available for in-person sessions, so book now to have first pick!

Earlier Event: December 4
The FemmePower Fitness Holiday Challenge