Some of the best education I've had is in birthing, raising and loving these three amazing girls while running a business and handling life's daily messes and stresses.

I'm a mom 

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I had my first daughter in 2003, and am currently pregnant with my 4th little girl. I had three completely different birth experiences, including a midwife-attended home birth, an emergency c-section, and a medication-free birth center VBAC. I have learned how to manage and maintain my own fitness level, structural integrity, and sanity. I'll show you what works for me, and help you find what works for you. We’ll explore movement safely through pregnancy and beyond, and navigate the postpartum renewal together.

I'm a pro and a doula 

On top of my personal experience, I have more than 10 years of hands-on work in the pre- and postnatal wellness fields; I have multiple maternal, infant, and adolescent-focused certifications, I have logged over a thousand hours of continuing education, and I have worked with hundreds of women just like you. All of this comes together to make me an ideal resource for personal training and health coaching before, during, and after pregnancy.

I'll show you ways to use pregnancy to improve your overall wellness, along with which exercises to perform (and which to avoid) to keep you living your healthiest life in a way that's safe for your baby. I also help you get reacquainted with your body after baby is born. I focus on finding and healing signs of dysfunction, including diastisis recti, pelvic floor trauma, and postural alignment issues. I help you move better, look healthier, and feel stronger in your body in the post partum phase and beyond. 

I'm also a doula. What's a doula? Glad you asked. You can learn more about that here. Once you know you want one, consider me. I provide a little something special that most other doulas don't. I offer comprehensive health coaching through the pregnancy, can you get enough exercise, and can even make food for you. 

I'm a chef


I have been working with food for the last 20 years as a restaurant manager, baker, and personal chef. I specialize in making healthy and delicious foods to nourish mothers and their families, to minimize stress and maximize wellness. I offer cooking classes, meal planning, and affordable made-for-you lunches, dinners, and snacks. See the current menu and place an order today!

Ready to be a fit mama? 

If you're interested in pre- or post natal wellness, contact me and let me know a little bit about yourself, the services you're looking for, and where you are in the game of life (trying, pregnant, or post baby). We'll connect and have a more in-depth discussion to tailor a plan to you. 

Contact me to talk more about natal wellness, including natal nutrition, or doula services.

Read the blog for a lot of good info for moms and moms-to-be.

Watch my videos for workouts that are helpful during and post pregnancy.